Fundraising Purpose

Purpose for Fundraising for Griffith Stadium

As with any school that has had their athletic fields modernized, or even with new schools that are built, the KHSD provides for the basic needs of a football/track stadium. That is the case for the BHS modernization as well. However, the district has offered an option to the BHS administration that we may choose to “upgrade” our facilities to an all-weather track and an all- weather field if we can fund-raise the difference between the cost of a dirt track and a grass field to an all weather facility by November of 2014.

The chart below outlines the costs for a traditional facility and the additional costs for the upgrades:

Facility Traditional Additional Cost to convert toAn All-Weather Facility
Track $107,384 $555,495
Football/Soccer Field $460,385 $957,749
Total $567,769.00 $1,513,244


The first $555,495 raised in this fundraiser will go towards the All-Weather Track. The next $957,749 raised will go towards the Artificial Field. You will have an option to have your donation refunded if we do not meet our goal for either the track , the field, or both. However, it is important for you to know that it is possible that we fundraise a sufficient amount to meet our goal of enhancing the track and not the artificial field. Hopefully we meet both goals!!