Disclaimers and Guarantees

  • Message Content
    Bakersfield High Administration reserves the right to review all messages that are requested for tiles and the right of refusal to use any messages that are deemed inappropriate for display purposes. The donor will be asked to change the message or the donor may ask for a full refund of their donation.
  • Review Tile Before Construction
    A rendition of your tile mock-up will be sent to you via email or regular mail prior to construction of the Driller Wall of Fame. If at that time there are errors on your tile ( eg. spelling, incorrect size of tile, incorrect logo, etc..),  we ask that you correct those errors  and return those corrections to us. If you do not respond within two weeks of the original postage date then we will assume that everything is correct for your tile and we will engrave it as ordered.
  • Proceed Distribution
    All proceeds from the Driller Wall of Fame fundraiser (minus expenses) will be applied to the fundraiser for the all-weather track surface and all-weather field (in that order) and/or band uniforms. As described previously, the first $555,495 raised will go toward the all-weather track and the next $957,749 raised will go toward the all-weather field.  A running total for this fundraiser will be posted on the website on a regular basis. A separate tally will posted for band uniforms. If the fundraiser does not meet the criteria needed for each of the facilities then the donor has the option of having their donation returned to them if so designated on the order form.
  • Band Uniform Portion (Optional)
    Donation to the band uniform fund must be designated on the order form when you order your tile (s). A donor MAY choose to donate to both funds (track/field and Band Uniforms if designated on the form). For example, you may purchase a 4” X 4” tile for $250 and donate $100 to the All-Weather track and $150 to band uniforms.