Band Uniforms


The co-curricular group on campus that is also extremely happy that we are pursuing an artificial field is the Driller Marching Band and Flag Team. There is no better surface to perform on than this type of surface and so the Driller Band family is joining in on this fundraiser with an added twist.

The Driller Band has not had new uniforms since 1995 (over 20 years ago) and we thought that this fundraiser would be the perfect time to remedy that. You will have the opportunity to purchase a family tile on behalf of a band member (past or present) and set aside part, or all, of your donation for new band uniforms.

Simply specify when you purchase your tile how much of your donation that you wish to go specifically to new band uniforms and those funds will be set aside for this effort. The current estimate to purchase 200 new uniforms for the Driller Band is $80,000.